H.E.R.S is a non-profit foundation, that aims to provide life skills education, resources and referrals to women within the Victoria region.

Programs & Services tend to run at local Community Centres within Victoria. Due to Social distancing we have stopped in person services until further notice.
Mission Statement

HERS Foundation offers free life skills courses, community resources and referrals.

All of our services are delivered in English language using trauma-informed practice, while ensuring that all cultural traditions and beliefs are considered. Services can be translated in the member's first language of choice.

Benefits of Being a  Member:
  • Receive free translation services.

  • Request resources and/or referrals to other programs.

  • Participate in annual Wellness Workshops

  • Receive free training in life-skills or request information.

  • Receive free Safety Nutrition resources.

  • Apply to our annual food program.

Who Can We Help?

Our services are for women aged 19 and over  who are either:

  • Receiving social assistance

  • Are in the low income category

  • Are of refugee or immigrant status

How is H.E.R.S Funded?

HERS is run by volunteers and is funded by annual membership fees, private donors, fundraising events, private translation services, non-members fees and applicable grants.

HERS Foundation has four board members and the organization's fiscal year is between July 1st to June 30th.